Advance Deposits & Cancellations

Campsites: 1 nights deposit required. Cancellation refund less $10 service fee for cancellations made at least 2 days in advance of your arrival. No refund under 2 days or due to weather conditions. The $20 site lock fee option is non-refundable.

Rentals: 50% deposit due upon reservation, balance due upon check-in. $100 security deposit due upon check-in and returned at check-out for an undamaged unit. Cancellation refund less $30 service fee for cancellations made at least 14 days in advance of your arrival. No refund under 14 days or due to weather conditions.

Form of Payment

Advance deposits: We accept Master Card, AMEX or Visa, over the phone. Check or Money order if received 3 weeks prior to your arrival.

Upon Arrival: Master Card, AMEX, Visa, Cash or Debit Card. We accept and exchange U.S. currency. Exchange rates will vary.

Requests for Specific Sites or Rental Units: We try to satisfy requests but do not under any circumstances guarantee specific site numbers or rental units. Sites and rental units are assigned upon arrival and availability is dependent on the circumstances for that day.

Check-in / Check-out

Campsites: Sites are available for check in after 1pm. Campers must be out of the park before 11am (subject to change without notice). All tents must arrive and set up before 11pm!

Rentals: Customers must vacate the rental unit by 11am. Check-in to rental units after 4pm.

If you are unable to make these times please contact the office.

General Information

Pets: 1 dog or cat per site in your RV. Pets not permitted in or outside any rental units. Pets are not permitted if a tent is your only means of accommodation. Pets must be on a short leash and supervised at all times. They are not permitted inside any park building, around the recreation areas or pools. Pit bulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans and other guard/attack dogs are restricted and management must approve entry into the park.

Visitors: If you plan on having visitors to your campsite, they must first stop at the office, register and pay to enter the park. 2019 visitor fees are $6 per adult and $3 per child. Visiting hours are between 11am to 11pm. All visitors must be out of the park by 11pm (enforced). All visitors must have their car pass displayed prominently in the windshield of their car at all times. No vehicle may pass through the gate without a valid car pass. You may not have more than six visitors at one time in the park. Visitors may not bring pets into the campground. Site occupants are fully responsible for visitors and their actions while in the park.

Groups of 8 or more must not congregate, occupy, server meals or hold meeting in one area after 11pm. Please make arrangements with the management if you are planning a gathering of any kind.

Gate Code: is issued by the front office and is for your security. Do not pass your gate code to anyone (including visitors). Customers caught passing a gate code will be immediately evicted from the park without a refund.

Quiet Hours: 11pm - 8am. No loud radios, excessive drinking, partying or disturbances at any time. All radios and outdoor TVs must be turned OFF by 11pm. Children must be at their campsite by 11pm. No wandering or bike riding after dark.

Pools: Adult must accompany children under 13 years of age. Swim diapers required for toddlers. Bathing suits only (no street clothing).Pool summer hours 9am-8pm (subject to change without notice). Pool opens for the season May 20th and closes Sept 19th 2016.

Motorized recreational vehicles: such as scooters, mini bikes etc. are not to be driven at the park. Customers bringing their own golf cart must be approved ahead of time by the manager. Customers must agree to follow the rules of the road, provide insurance, and carts must be driven by a licensed adult and may not under any circumstances drink and drive!

Firewood: You may not bring firewood into the campground. Transporting firewood is strictly prohibited by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. It cannot be legally transported across international borders. Firewood for use in our park is available for purchase at the campground store before 11pm.

Campfires: You may not start a fire after 11pm. Fires must be kept at a low level (under 18" high) and within the fire ring provided for the safety of you and other campers. All fires must be extinguished by dousing by 1am. Do not leave your fire unattended! In the event that there is a regional fire ban customers must obey the local bylaws or they will be evicted from the property immediately with no refund.

Trash: Do not throw trash, food, plastics, cigarette butts, bottle caps diapers or cans in or around fire rings. Violations will result in a $25 cleanup surcharge added to your bill. Place trash bags or recycle material in the designated dumpsters (see map) or leave in front of your site by noon each day for pickup. Fireworks: Are not permitted in the park.

Campers Guests: All visitors must stop at the office to register and receive a gate pass. A fee of $6 per adult and $3 per child per day must be paid upon arrival. All visitors must be out of the park by 11pm. A maximum of 6 guests (day passes) are allowed on a site! Management reserves the right to refuse or evict disruptive guests and groups!

Discount cards, coupons and member rewards: Must be presented at the time of check-in. We accept Good Sam and Club Yogi Rewards. One discount or coupon per stay. Discounts cards do not apply to rental units unless specified.

Drugs and Alcohol: The use of marijuana is not permitted at our park. Any alcohol must be consumed in moderation and kept in plastic cups or cans. Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol is not permitted at or inside of our public areas such as the playground, pool area, office, restroom or rec hall buildings. Cigarettes must be extinguished in a proper receptacle and not thrown on the ground or in the fire ring.